Students from Shrewsbury Sixth Form College have been reflecting on their WWI project. They welcomed students and staff from Le Cateau in France, and Walldorf in Germany, to a week-long series of events and activities to commemorate the First World War.  The very busy programme included, the Remembrance Day Service at St Chad’s, a visit to Stokesay Court (used as a hospital during WWI), following a Wilfred Owen Walk, a visit to the imperial War Museum in Manchester and to the Theatre Severn to see Michael Morpurgo’s Best Christmas Present in the World. The students also development of a piece of collaborative digital artwork based on the messages and work of local poet Wilfred Owen with local artist Carl Jaycock.

Anwen Davies said “I enjoyed everything about the World War One Project! I feel I learnt so much about such a variety of things to do with World War One. I feel more informed about life for soldiers in the trenches from reading their letters home and have gained some insight into how it was for people back in Britain. I also found out about Shrewsbury’s links to Wilfred Owen, his childhood and his poetry which was based on his own experiences in WW1. The project was such a fantastic opportunity to get involved and to investigate further into what went on during that time. I loved having Isabelle, a German student to stay with me and it was really interesting to talk to her about WW1 from a German perspective”.Carl Jaycock

Nathan Barnard added “I enjoyed working with the foreign students on the WW1 project as well as with Carl. It made me look at all sorts of things from different perspectives. Working with Carl has given me a great deal of inspiration for my work both in and outside of college. The foreign students were brilliant to work with and I made some amazing friends that I will definitely keep in contact with. The whole project opened up different thoughts and ideas for me”.