While having sort out in the Parvis Room, above the porch at St Andrews Church Shifnal, the Rev. Sally Day, found two posters in a cupboard. They were folded in the blank book which had been intended to be a roll of honour but was never completed.

The posters list the names of 184 men from the town who went to fight in the First World War. It is thought that they were displayed on the notice board in the Church porch, and people were asked to pray for the men listed there.

The list records those serving in alphabetical order and additional names have been included at the end. Many entries have the addition of a letter to denote the following:

W for wounded

S for sick

M for missing

P for prisoner

R.I.P for those who died.

Of 184 names on this list, it is known that 19 died. There are 69 names on the War Memorial plaque in St. Andrews Church, and 14 in the Methodist Church. The list provides a touching reminder, not just of those who died, but men who were in the hearts and prayers of the Shifnal congregation.

The posters have been cleaned at Shropshire Archives and will be available to view at the Shifnal History Centre in the old fire station, Shrewsbury Road, Shifnal.

By Mary Gough

Mary Gough – Roll of Honour