On Saturday 4th August Wilfred Owen 100 in Shropshire was launched at a special event at Shrewsbury Abbey in the afternoon. BBC Midlands Today, BBC Radio Shropshire and the Shropshire Star covered the launch. Over the period up to the centenary of Armistice Day on 11th November there will be over 100 events taking place in the county to remember soldier and poet Wilfred Owen and the end of World War I.

Wilfred Owen was born and raised in Shropshire and Birkenhead where his father worked on the railways. Owen wrote some of the best poetry to come out of World War I and his work is read throughout the English-speaking world.

Owen was killed in action at the canal at the French village of Ors and is buried in the British military cemetery there.  Among the special guests at Saturday’s launch was M. Jacky Duminy, the Mayor of Ors, who has done so much to keep the memory of the poet alive on what was once the Western Front. He was joined by Helen McPhail of the Wilfred Owen Association and Cllr Peter Nutting, the Mayor of Shrewsbury at the memorial Symmetry in the Abbey grounds to lay flowers at 3.30pm.


At 4.30 there was an event inside the Abbey which included music, readings and tributes to Wilfred Owen and to his nephew, Peter Owen, who sadly passed away last week. Prints by Denis May inspired by Owen’s poetry were on display in the Abbey. The programme is reproduced here:-

To conclude the event Helen McPhail’s new book ‘Wilfred Owen’s Shrewsbury’ was launched.

Find out more about the book here:- http://www.logastonpress.co.uk/

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