Shrewsbury School is running a project which commemorates the lives of former staff and pupils who were killed during the First World War. Many of these Old Salopians were killed in the Somme and Ypres campaigns and this is reflected in the numbers buried in the Somme (around 60) and Arras (around 40) cemeteries with another 62 being buried either in or near Ypres.  Many more are buried in various cemeteries in France and Belgium with a significant number being killed in Gallipoli and Mesopotamia and buried in cemeteries in the Middle East.

According to school records, 1850 former pupils and masters from Shrewsbury School saw active service in the First World War.  They were involved in several theatres of war with 321 being recorded as being killed in action.  Many more were imprisoned, wounded (some several times) or died after the war of their injuries or in the influenza epidemic of 1918.

Each week the names of those from the School who died 100 years previously are published on the website. to build up a cumulative archive that will cover all four years of the War. Research was carried out by Sixth Form students Martha Pownall and George Young and by members of staff Philip Lapage and Dr Matthew Clark. Where possible, archival and other relevant material is included.

Lists of Old Salopians killed in action are available to download in pdf format.  Many well-known Salopian names are represented.  Even a cursory glance at the list of those killed reveals these surnames:  Palin, Goolden, Dixon, Worth, Bowring, Lewis, Richardson, Gurdon, Treasure and many more, familiar from the School War Memorial.