A paper trench sculpture, commissioned for the Shrewsbury Flower Show, has been given a new venue at Theatre Severn.

Grace Westwood has produced a smaller version of the Birmingham City University trench scene ‘The Battle of the Somme’ which is now on display at Dudmaston Hall. It was commissioned for the duration of the Flower Show, which this year had a First World War theme, and Grace spent almost three months creating this installation.

I began the piece by researching trench life and warfare in 1914-1918. Looking at photographs, documentaries and film, I developed design concepts for the installation which were reflective of the WWI trench.   The piece is made using brown paper, which is manipulated to create different textures and structural components for each element of the design.  I truly hope that every individual who sees my installation is engaged and in some way moved by the scene that I have created. 

The trench was so well received that it has been rescued from the recycling bin and will be on display at Theatre Severn until the end of November.