‘A novel way of helping our wounded tommies’ is the hand-written caption on the bottom of this photograph of Albert Brazier and Richard Davies, two of the gardeners at Wenlock Abbey. They are seen wrapping up plants grown at the Abbey to sell as part of Lady Milnes Gaskell’s efforts to raise money for the  wounded troops.

The Wellington Journal reported that:

Lady Catherine Milnes Gaskell continues to make good use of her garden at Much Wenlock. She sold quite a quantity of plants from it in aid of war charities and now is bottling fruit for the local hospitals. Lady Catherine hints that she would be able to do more in that direction if the produce of her garden were supplemented by gifts of gooseberries from other people’s gardens…..With the amount she has already made this way, Lady Gaskell has sent comforts to seven hospitals and has also purchased materials and made many useful garments for Tommies.

Submitted by Ina Taylor