Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery hosts this exhibition of artwork entitled “Wilfred Owen and Other War Poets” by a group of the town’s Sixth Form College students, working with artist Carl Jaycock and students from colleges in Le Cateau in France and Walldorf in Germany.

Last month the students took part together in a week-long programme of events looking at World War I and developed a piece of collaborative artwork based on the poetry of Wilfred Owen. The work that the students have produced intends to prompt visitors to the Museum & Art Gallery to stop and think how the lives of their predecessors were so irrevocably scarred or erased by the Great War.

DSCF0836 smallCarl Jaycock is a Shropshire-based artist who has previously worked with the Museum and undertaken commissions for the Houses of Parliament as artist in residence. As well as instructing and guiding the students, Carl brought their work together to produce a large collage of Wilfred Owen made out of hundreds of passport strip photographs.  Martin Ward, Principal of Shrewsbury Sixth Form College said “This has been a fantastic opportunity for students and staff to reflect on the momentous events of 1914. Most importantly I hope it has been great fun for the students and an important learning experience for them.”

Also on display are some of the objects, from the Museum’s collections and those of the Shropshire Regimental Museum, which the students examined during the project. Amongst these are a 45 Smith and Wesson revolver which was issued to a Mr Morley who served on the Western Front and was shot from his hand by an enemy bullet. Another is an autograph book, which was signed by convalescing soldiers, recovering from their wounds in battle which contains drawings, affectionate jokes and cheeky quips to the nurses.WWI showcase small

The Exhibition is open at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery until 15th February 2015. For further details see