The HISTORY MAKERS project focuses on interviewing people about members of their family who have fought or have had experiences in the First World War. We have been asking them to share with us any memorabilia like photos, documents, medals even the souvenir tins given to soldiers at Christmas 1914.  We are going to make these into an exhibition.

We are doing this is so people don’t forget the history and the experiences that people had to go through in the war.  It is also to get information from the people that have known them directly.  When we film them we ask what is their relationship is to the person they are going to be talking about and then go on to ask questions about the items they have brought in.  I’ve found it really interesting.

The first interview we did was when Eryn and Ashley visited a big house, Earlsdale, in Pontesbury that used to be a convalescent home in 1916 – 17 where soldiers went to recover.  They interviewed Mary Worrall whose great aunt Mary Elizabeth Thomason was a nurse there. She also showed us a doll that had been made in a competition with other nursing homes across the country.  Mary Worrall’s great aunt won the competition and was allowed to keep the doll.

Other things we have done are visiting the Shropshire Archives to look at documents they have about the First World War and going to see an actress, Francesca Millican Slater, acting out letters from women whose lives were all touched by the war. We had a big recording day one Saturday where we interviewed 7 people about relatives they know that have fought in the war.

The project focuses on experiences of people that lived locally and whose lives were affected by the war.

by Jack Tudor Y9, Mary Webb School