A letter within the collections at the Shropshire Regimental Museum holds testament to the remarkable truce which took place between opposing sides on Christmas Day, 1914. At the time it was officially denied but letters like these and eye witness accounts of men who were there prove otherwise.

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This letter was written on 28th December 1914 by a member of the 6th KSLI.

 “In a paper I saw they said there was no truce on Christmas day. There was no official truce, but many arranged one between themselves. The people who were here on Christmas day shouted and made signs to the Germans and both sides stopped firing. Then two men went up and talked to the Germans who gave them cigars and chocolates in exchange for Punch’s Almanack, and the regiment on our left, who are nearer the Germans actually had a football match with them. Then when the Generals and big wigs heard about it, both sides went to their trenches and started firing in the air just to make a noise.”